MyRide is a single solution for Ride-sharing and Carpooling in South Africa. With the MyRide app you can ‘Offer ride’ to others in your vehicle, or ‘Find ride’ offered by others, instantly. MyRide helps to identify matches, connect instantly, communicate and share costs in real-time. Available on both iOS and Android, the MyRide app helps you retain control on whom you want to share the ride with.


MyRide is a single solution for Ride-sharing, Car and Bike pooling in South Africa. Install the MyRide app to ride share with your colleagues, friends, same gender options, Users from same company and companies only, Earn and Save. MyRide is the only end-to-end automated solution for car pooling, bike pooling and ride sharing available today and in real-time. MyRide helps to identify matches, connect instantly, communicate and share costs (cashless). With MyRide you can "Offer ride" to others in your vehicle, or "Find ride" offered by others, instantly.


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MyRide helps to connect with ride matches instantly and completes the transaction at each ride.


Get your first ride free on verified profiles. Download the MyRide app for free, on iOS & Android.


Retain control on whom you want to share the ride, with either gender, your colleagues or trusted companies only.


Increase your network within the organization. Get to know your colleagues better and contribute to the reduction of road congestion.


With intelligent route matching algorithm, no diversions to pick up anyone - they come and join you on your route!


MyRide helps to connect with ride matches instantly and completes the transaction at each ride. It is possible to share ride with one user for the onward journey and with another user for the return. There are no obligations to start and leave at the same time.

Once you have downloaded the free MyRide app for Android or Apple there are just a few steps to activate it and start ride-sharing & saving.

Step 1: Register your profile: Add your details, the details of your company, your emergency contacts and your preferences.

Step 2: Top-up your MyRide Account, and set up your security preferences: Intelligent feature allows you to decide on ride price.

Step 3: Request a ride, and save on your trip. Request a ride from verified users, users from same company only and/or users from trusted companies, only.

Step 4: Share a ride and earn. Intelligent route matching algorithm supports partial route matching. Receive ride invites. You decide on ride price.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why does the app require all these permissions?

Some app users are concerned about the number of permissions the app requires, in general, the app only uses additional permissions when the user initiates specific activities where these are required.

Here are the specific examples of how it uses the permissions:

Contacts - When you add contacts, you can select them from your existing contacts.

Location - Features like live ride view on map, and in-app(group) chat makes ride coordination seamless. When you activate an emergency alert, the app can tell your contacts where you are. It is also used when you want to add home location.

SMS - In-group chat enabled to chat with your selected ride-share group. Send an SMS to your emergency contacts showing your location. It will also send an SMS to contacts when you cancel the alert.

Photos/Media/Files - So you can add a photo of yourself at registration, or share location path. The app never does this in the background - you must initiate this.

2. What does the app icon at the top of my screen mean? Is the app using data or GPS in the background?

The app doesn't use services (such as GPS or data) in the background. It only does so when the app is open and active.

3. Rewards and incentives:

The payments are cashless and completely automated. Ride partners can share costs seamlessly, without even discussing about payments. The rider will have insentive for rides shared as per his/her choice of fare.

There are a host of other advanced features, details of which are available on website at

You can reach us for any support at